Pennsylvania's 45th District Needs A
Green New Deal
For Healthy Lives, Healthy Planet, and a Healthy Economy

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Check below for the latest media releases regarding the campaign. We intend to regularly add statements, blog posts, and even videos. If you'd like to invite Garret to write or speak about a particular topic, please contact us!

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A Green New Deal For Neville Island

20 February 2020

Garret supports a Green New Deal to help replace the old Shenango Coke Works on Neville Island with sustainable jobs that protect air quality.

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Pitt and Others Must Divest From Fossil Fuels

14 February 2020

Garret supports community demands for the University of Pittsburgh to divest from fossil fuels.

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No Subsidies to Fracking and Petrochemicals

10 February 2020

Garret opposes the bipartisan vote on HB 1100 to give subsidies to petrochemical industry.


Below are some of my top priorities as state representative as part of what I call a Green New Deal for Pennsylvania, based on the national vision of the Eco-Socialist Green New Deal from Howie Hawkins and the Green Party of the United States. Please see the Issues page for a more detailed summary.

Protect Our Air and Water

Our constitutional right to clean air and water must be protected by banning fracking, halting pipeline construction, and implementing stronger pollution regulations. We don't have to sacrifice our health and environment for jobs if we invest in renewable energy and important green infrastructure upgrades. A Green New Deal for Pennsylvania will ensure good green infrastructure jobs for anyone that wants one.

Single Payer Healthcare for All

Healthcare must be a human right. An Improved and Expanded Medicaid for All is a good way to create a guaranteed, comprehensive single payer healthcare system to ensure everyone gets the care they need and to lower costs in the process. Healthcare should be free at the point of service, without any co-pays or deductibles, to ensure everyone gets the care they need immediately without worrying about medical debt.

End Homelessness & Poverty

Pennsylvania should lead the way on an economic bill of rights that ensures an economy that puts people and planet over profits. We can ensure that everyone gets affordable housing, living wages, paid time off, healthcare, and education, will lift everyone out of poverty and ensure no one goes hungry or homeless.

About The Campaign

This campaign isn't about me, but about the huge challenges facing not just our district or our state, but the nation and planet as a whole. Together we can build a better future.

Garret Wassermann

Garret Wassermann has an M.S. in both Mathematics and Applied Physics, and currently works in computer software security research at Carnegie Mellon University. Garret previously taught college-level courses in mathematics and computer science at several colleges in the Pittsburgh area. He enjoys gardening and casual hiking in nearby state parks with his wife Amanda. They have lived in Coraopolis for more than 7 years.

The 45th District

The 45th district is an odd longer shape (thanks, gerrymandering) that mostly covers much of the I-79 corridor near Pittsburgh. This includes the boroughs and townships of Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, Carnegie, Coraopolis, Emsworth, Kennedy, Kilbuck, Neville, Pennsbury Village, Robinson, Rosslyn Farms, Stowe, and parts of Scott. This district also covers parts of the Avonworth, Carlynton, Chartiers Valley, Cornell, Montour, and Sto-Rox school districts.

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