Garret Wassermann

Green Party Candidate for Pennsylvania State Representative of the 45th district

Time for a Green New Deal

As a mathematician, scientist, and educator, I am running for state representative to bring a new perspective to Harrisburg, one that puts our workers, families, and community interests first over corporate profits. Our water and air are threatened by pollution, we have some of the highest rates of lung disease in the nation due to air pollution, the cost of healthcare is out of control, our school districts are often underfunded, and too many are being crushed under the weight of student loan debt. Many worry how they can even continue to make mortgage or rent payments, much less find good-paying jobs to get ahead. All the while, many are giving up on government and elections altogether because they feel like they aren't being heard over the loud voice of lobbyist and corporate cash in our political process.

But I hear you. I am running as the Green Party candidate because I don't believe either the Republican or the Democratic parties are doing enough to protect our rights and fix problems. I am running to give voters another option on the ballot. The failed policies of both Republicans and Democrats brought us here, why keep voting for them?

I think it's long past time all candidates make a new deal with the people -- a Green New Deal -- that restores and expands democracy, creates a transparent and accountable government, and tackles pollution and climate change while transitioning us to a modern 21st century green economy with plenty of good jobs based on renewable energy and modern technology and infrastructure. Once elected, I will work constantly to see the Green New Deal implemented.

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