Considering a Run

Posted on November 26, 2019 · 1 min read


Garret Wassermann has filed campaign committee paperwork for a potential run for state representative in 2020. Garret would represent the 45th district in the Pennsylvania General Assembly if elected.

Garret intends to seek the Green Party nomination for this office, and focus on winning the November general election. Garret’s major concern is the climate crisis and effects of pollution on our health; Garret will support a Green New Deal for renewable energy and green infrastructure jobs instead of the fossil fuel jobs promoted by both the Republicans’ “Energize PA” plan as well as the Democrats’ “Restore PA” plan.

In addition to protecting our Constitutional rights to clean water and air, Garret also intends on campaigning for an economic bill of rights. Everyone in Pennsylvania deserves a universal right to housing, healthcare without out-of-pocket costs, public education through college without debt, and more. Garret will also stand up for women’s reproductive rights and oppose all attempts to restrict abortion access, as well as demand significant criminal justice reforms including an end to the use of cash bail.

The 45th district consists of the municipalities of Ben Avon, Emsworth, Coraopolis, Neville, Kennedy, Stowe, Robinson, Carnegie, and parts of Scott Township.

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