Announcing My Candidacy

Posted on December 25, 2019 · 2 mins read


This holiday season, I’m thinking of the people in our district and our region that aren’t having such a happy holiday:

  • The children in the hospital with rare cancers linked to fracking and oil/gas development, and others with asthma and lung disease issues today because of Allegheny County’s constantly poor quality air, some of worst in the nation. How many more are sick because of PFAS and other toxic compounds in the water?

  • The poor, some of whom are even veterans, who are seeing their SNAP, TANF, and other public assistance cut, as housing costs and healthcare costs continue to increase.

  • The people in the Allegheny County Jail, most of whom there for petty reasons like drug use or not paying a parking ticket but can’t afford bail. Their families won’t have them home this year, and over what?

  • The immigrant children held in concentration camps like the Berks Detention Center right here in Pennsylvania, and sometimes separated from their parents. Held in jails as if criminals, for seeking refuge and asylum – which is NOT illegal under international law, and doesn’t deserve jail time even if it was.

For these reasons and more, I announced at a recent Green Party event my intention of running for state representative in 2020. Poverty can’t wait, our health can’t wait, our planet can’t wait. We need serious, urgent action and leadership, and I am just not seeing it from currently elected officials.

We have to be our own heroes if we want to protect our children and our planet. I invite you to join me in growing a movement for change.

Learn more about my thoughts on priorities and this campaign at I greatly appreciate your feedback and support, I want to hear what you think our priorities should be! You can even sign up to volunteer or donate on the website to help us get the campaign started with costs like printing fliers and mailers.

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