Stimulus Payment and Relief Funds

Posted on April 16, 2020 · 3 mins read


Check your bank accounts, you may have received your “stimulus” check automatically this week by direct deposit. The IRS will use your direct deposit info from your tax returns if available, or try to mail you a check at the address on your tax return, otherwise you can apply to get a check sent to you separately. Please learn more about the stimulus, your current status, and how to request a check at:

$1200 per person is nowhere near enough to get folks through the Coronavirus pandemic, however – not when rent, utilities, food, and other payments are piling up. I hope that state and federal officials are working overtime to get larger payments to everyone until we’re through the pandemic. Many other countries are giving their residents $1500 or more PER MONTH, indefinitely until the crisis is over. If they can do it, the US should be able to as well. No excuses while people are struggling. Sending people back to work in general and reopening will result in millions of deaths, it’s not an option, but people do need food.

Until a bigger relief package is passed, we have to do our best to help our own community – we can’t wait around for politicians to do nothing. If you have some extra funds right now because you’re lucky to work from home or whatever, please consider donating to community relief organizations such as the ones below. If you are in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to these organizations to apply for aid!

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank supplies smaller food banks and pantries throughout the region. Find your local food bank at: and consider giving a donation!

Bukit Bail Fund helps folks in the county jail afford cash bail. Over 80% of the people trapped in Allegheny County Jail have not even had a trial yet (they might be completely innocent and the case just hasn’t been dismissed yet!), or are only facing simple non-violent charges like failure to pay parking tickets or marijuana use. The county should be sending everyone home immediately, but we can bail people out in the meantime. Donate to the bail fund at:

Greater Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Emergency Fund helps restaurant workers who have been laid off due to Coronavirus closures. You can donate at:

Casa San José provides support to Latino community members that have lost their jobs during this crisis and who may not qualify for other relief programs. Donate at:

SisTers PGH Emergency Relief Fund provides support to LGBTQ+ community members who work in service industry or self-employed and are financially hurting during this crisis. Donate at:

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