Greens File In Federal Court Over Ballot Access

Posted on May 19, 2020 · 2 mins read


The Green Party of Pennsylvania has filed in the Eastern Pennsylvania Federal District Court to protect the right to place candidates on the ballot in November during the emergency COVID-19 crisis. This lawsuit was filed jointly with the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania and the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania in order to protect ballot access for all minor party and independent candidates.

I support the lawsuit and call on Governor Tom Wolf to take urgent action to settle this lawsuit and ensure candidates will be on the ballot this November. In particular, I join the Green Party of Pennsylvania in calling for a waiver from the typical petition signature requirements this year. Normally, I would need to collect a minimum of around 500 signatures from voters in the district where I’m running – in practice, more like 1000 or more to withstand potential legal challenges to those signatures (for being illegible, for being unable to verify voter registration if the person moved recently, etc.). However, due to stay-at-home orders and concern over the general public health, I have been unable to attend events or otherwise petition to collect those signatures. Many countries around the world have extremely low ballot access requirements, sometimes as low as 5 or 10 signatures to get on the ballot for even national office; Pennsylvania should adapt by tossing out the requirement this year, and setting much lower, more reasonable goals in future years.

Should Governor Wolf not take action, I hope the courts will pick up the action quickly and rule in favor of democracy and ballot access.

If you agree, please sign the petition to show your support and ask Governor Wolf to take quick action! You can also donate to the legal fund to help cover court and other ballot access costs.

Please read the whole GPPA press release here.

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