Help Needed - Launching A Petitioning Drive

Posted on July 08, 2020 · 3 mins read


Today, the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) was in Federal District Court to protect our right to be on the ballot during an unprecedented global pandemic.

As I discussed with Gazette 2.0 recently, it’s been difficult to do the typical petitioning required to get on the ballot during COVID-19. While the Governor’s stay-at-home orders prevented us under threat of law enforcement, even during the “green phase” we are seeing rapidly rising cases of COVID-19 in the county, showing that this is not the time to be in public. For public health and safety reasons, we sued to try to protect the public health while also protecting our right to be on the ballot. GPPA asked for the signature requirement to be waived entirely this year.

However, lawyers for the Wolf administration and the Democratic Party argued in court today that Greens should have been out – even during the “red phase”! – collecting signatures from voters, showing very little concern for public health and safety. Lawyers also made it clear that they did not want Greens on the ballot this year and were not interested addressing COVID-19’s impact on the petitioning and elections cycle this year.

While we feel pretty confident we’ll end up victorious in court, we cannot predict exactly what relief the court will grant. The courts have done different things in every state, including reducing the amount of signatures need – but not entirely waiving them – and replacing the signature requirement with a higher filing fee.

Until we know what the final court result is, we need to gather signatures from voters and raise money as much as possible to be prepared for any possibility. We don’t want to put volunteers or voters at unnecessary risk of COVID-19, so one possibility is to mail petitions to people – but postage can add up in expenses, plus not to mention it is a slow process.

So a few possibilities for you to help get me and other Green Party candidates on the ballot this November:

  • To be safe on the ballot regardless what the court rules, our campaign needs to collect over 420 signatures from voters on our petition by the end of July. If you’re willing to sign a petition, please fill out this form to request a petition by mail, or send me an email. We’ll mail it to you, you sign, and mail it right back!
  • If you’re willing to volunteer, please also email me as soon as possible! Volunteering can either consist of circulating petitions for signatures at a local event, or doing phonebanking to talk to voters in the area and get petitions to them.
  • You can also donate to the GPPA legal fund to help cover court and other ballot access costs.

With you’re help, I’m confident this campaign as well as many other Green candidates will be on the ballot this November! Again, please contact the campaign by email if you’re willing to sign a petition, or volunteer to help circulate the petition and get more signatures. We’ve got about 3 weeks to get it done. The filing deadline is August 3rd. Let’s get it done! Thank you.

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