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Posted on September 12, 2020 · 4 mins read

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The Garret Wassermann for State Representative campaign announces that the campaign will be running in the November election as a write-in campaign. Voters are encouraged to write-in Garret Wassermann for State Representative of the 45th district on November 3rd to declare their support for an urgent Green New Deal, Medicare For All, and more.

Election Day will be November 3rd; due to on-going pandemic conditions, voters may prefer to apply for a mail-in vote. More information on how to register to vote or apply for a mail-in ballot is at votespa.com.

The Wassermann campaign needed a minimum of 420 signatures, although likely needed to collect much more to successfully resist legal challenges. The Green Party of Pennsylvania argued in federal court that the signature requirement should be dropped this year due to COVID-19, but the federal judge agreed with Wolf administration arguments that the pandemic was only “intermediate” risk and insufficient for ballot access relief. An attempt to appeal this ruling was rejected, preventing any possibility of ballot access relief this year.

Campaign volunteers agreed that due to the public safety risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign would focus on gathering signatures by mail – campaign volunteers would call or text voters, confirm their information, then mail them a petition to sign and return. The campaign mailed out over 100 petitions and dropped off even more, but sadly not enough came back before the filing deadline.

In all, the Wassermann campaign collected about 200 valid signatures and raised nearly $1000 so far – more than enough for most other countries of the world where ballot access requires 100 signatures or less to run for practically any office. However, Pennsylvania ballot access laws are some of the toughest in the nation. The campaign decided to pursue a write-in campaign instead; voters clearly want another choice, and the unique conditions of COVID-19 this year should not interfere with that choice. In our view the courts should have recognized the unique conditions this year and ruled in our favor to put the campaign on the ballot, but without another option, write-in is the only way to give voters of the 45th district a choice this November.

Campaign funds remaining will be used to print literature and send campaign mailers to voters to inform voters of their Green write-in option with Garret and educate on the Green Party platform including the Green New Deal.

Most other Green Party of Pennsylvania candidates were able to make it on the ballot however, despite the challenges, thanks to an outpouring of volunteers and donations from around the state. The signatures collected by the Wassermann campaign were able to count toward the statewide candidates. The Green Party ultimately filed nearly 8500 signatures to place its statewide slate of candidates on the ballot, but this filing was challenged by the Democratic Party. On September 9th, the Commonwealth Court ruled in favor of the Green Party and ordered the state to place the Green candidates on the ballot. However, the Democratic Party filed an intent to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. I hope that the Supreme Court rejects this frivolous partisan challenge; the Green Party did the hard work to get on the ballot and deserves to be there.

Learn more about all the Green candidates this year at greenslate2020.org!

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