Garret Signs The No Cop Money PA Pledge

Posted on September 27, 2020 · 1 min read


Today, Garret Wassermann, Green Party write-in candidate for state representative of the 45th district, has signed the No Cop Money PA Pledge.

For far too long, police in the United States have been allowed to perpetrate violence against the Black community with total impunity. As Pennsylvania residents, we continue to watch, horrified, as police officers beat, tear gas, and shoot at Black Lives Matter protesters, often unprovoked. Understanding this reality, the organizing team of No Cop Money PA – composed of college students and young adults statewide – created a campaign aimed at disrupting the police state by demanding that all elected officials in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reject police union contributions and endorsements, instead prioritizing the needs and well-being of Black communities. Garret Wassermann, in full support of the campaign, signed onto the No Cop Money PA Pledge, committing to rejecting all police union contributions and endorsements now and into the future.

Garret joins the ranks of elected officials and candidates across the Commonwealth who have made the same police union rejecting commitments, including candidate for HD-23 Jay Ting Walker, Allegheny County Councilperson Anita Prizio, candidate for PA Treasurer Timothy Runkle, and candidate for HD-36 Jessica Benham.

The No Cop Money PA team plans to put unyielding public pressure on all elected officials in the Commonwealth – particularly those who have previously accepted police union contributions and endorsements – to sign the No Cop Money PA Pledge like Garret has, and to reject all future contributions and endorsements from police unions and the PACs that support them.

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