Trump Catching COVID-19 Is A Reminder

Posted on October 03, 2020 · 3 mins read


As President Trump and many of top campaign staff, as well as several Republican Senators and top party officials, all face COVID-19, let’s consider how quickly this virus spread through his inner circle. This is why the default medical advice continues to be: avoid crowds, especially indoors in small places without good ventilation, always wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth, and if at all possible work from home and keep your public trips to only required essential trips. These are basic precautions to keep spread down to a minimum, yet the President and many of his inner circle have failed for months to follow these precautions even wear masks or suggest that others wear masks. I hope the President and his team will learn from this and encourage all Americans to wear masks when in public and do their part to slow the spread until vaccines and treatments are widely available.

Trump as president has access to experimental treatments and medical oversight that most Americans do not have. In fact, all too many of us don’t have healthcare at all, having lost insurance during the on-going economic crisis. For many of us, it was never affordable to begin with as insurance and drug companies suck even more profits out of us every year. Trump and all elected officials of any party affiliation should come out immediately in favor of #MedicareForAll to ensure everyone gets high quality care regardless of employment status and without crippling debt. The Green Party has since it’s formation supported a single payer healthcare system like Medicare for All. It’s time to act.

As the public health issue from coronavirus is handled, we must recognize that the economic crisis associated with it will likely linger for years if we don’t take urgent, bold action. Many other countries have already given their citizens $2000 PER MONTH to help weather the crisis, but all Americans have received is at best a single $1200 check. We can and must do better. Legislators regardless of party affiliation must work to create extended payments to all citizens so we can prevent homelessness and poverty as we get through this crisis; if other countries can do it, there’s no reason we can’t too.

But monthly payments is only a short-term fix to keep people in their homes and businesses afloat; the long-term fix is a #GreenNewDeal to rebuild our economy and crumbling infrastructure for long-term prosperity. We can replacing aging fossil fuel infrastructure with modern renewable energy and create millions of good-paying jobs nationwide, many of which will be right here in PA as we rebuild communities left behind by coal, steel, and now oil and gas. I again call on all legislators and officials regardless of party to adopt the Green New Deal principles to all local, state, and national legislation. The Green New Deal has been the Green Party’s signature platform for a decade; will others rise the challenge and also adopt it?

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