Compare Voting Records

Want a quick way to determine which candidate supports your interests? Let's compare the voting record of the incumbent Anita Kulik (D) with Garret's statements on how he would vote on bills.

Bill # Description Garret's Position Kulik's Position
HB 1100 Subsidies to Natural Gas and Petrochemical Industry in the form of tax credits NO. Garret opposes subsidies and bailouts to oil, gas, petrochemicals. Public spending should go to a Green New Deal to clean up our environment and address climate change, not bailout toxic industry. YES. Kulik voted YES
HB 1585 Governor Wolf's "Restore PA" plan that uses gas severance tax to fund the budget, tying the state to fracking and gas extraction industries for decades NO. Garret opposes the bill and agrees with a Better Path Coalition analysis that shows Restore PA is a bad idea for our economy, our environment, and our health. YES, Kulik is a co-sponsor of this bill.
HB 1945 Lobbyist Gift Ban, bans payment of cash ("gifts") to legislators except in a few specific circumstances like weddings YES, although Garret would like to see even tougher language that bans all lobbyist payments in all circumstances. There's no reason legislators need to take any money from corporations or their lobbyist representatives. Unknown. Kulik has not made a statement on this issue, to our knowledge.
HB 1555 Probation system reform; as amended, PA ACLU warns this bill guts the good reforms initially proposed and "goes further by allowing probation officers to conduct searches without even reasonable suspicion, including of a person’s home; by allowing courts to prohibit people on probation from using medical marijuana and other prescription medications; and by keeping people who live in poverty on probation indefinitely for failure to pay fines and fees." NO. Garret agrees with the ACLU PA's assessment that the bill as amended would make Pennsylvania's probation system worse, not better. Garret supports the original goals of the bill to restrict probation and protect civil rights. Unknown. Kulik has not made a statement on this issue, to our knowledge.