COVID-19 Relief

Learn more about the available COVID-19 relief during this pandemic and economic crisis.

COVID-19 Resources

This page collects together a number of resources and information for folks in western PA that are facing financial difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. Please share with your friends and family widely so we can help one another through this crisis!

Stop Evictions!

On September 4th, the Allegheny County courts issued an order to help those that may be facing eviction solely for loss of income during the pandemic. The order is good until at least December 31st and has two parts:

  • If you fit requirements set by the CDC, you can sign an affidavit and give it to the magistrate court to temporarily halt eviction attempts at least through the end of the year. You can download the affidavit form to fill out, as well as some extra information and instructions from Rent Help PGH.
  • If you do not fit CDC requirements, the court order still gives judges the ability to temporarily halt eviction attempts if you are trying your best to make partial rent payments and apply for rent assistance from the government. You can still ask the magistrate judge to delay the eviction while you are applying for assistance and making payments. See below for a list of programs you can apply to for rent assistance.

You can read the September 4th Court Order as well as other Coronavirus-related court orders. You can also read the full CDC order to temporarily halt evictions if you'd like.

I am not a lawyer and unfortunately cannot provide legal advice; if you have any questions about this, I encourage you to speak with a lawyer -- if you get a referral from the Allegheny County Bar Association Referral Service, you can usually get a free 30 minute consultation to ask questions about what to do and determine if you may want to hire a lawyer to represent you. To get a referral, visit or call 412-261-5555.

Food Pantries and Cash Assistance

For folks that need help paying bills or getting food, a number of programs exist via the county and state. Please apply as soon as possible as the funds may be limited!

Rent Help PGH can help you determine which programs might be right for you.

A Green Vision

These programs are better than nothing but do not solve the problems for good. The CDC orders only delay eviction; debt is still piling up for renters and it will be difficult to pay it back without broader help.

This is why I support a broader Green New Deal policy as envisioned by the Green Party. This plan includes establishing an economic bill of rights to a good job that pays a living wage, housing, healthcare, and education. It creates debt forgiveness programs and jobs in green infrastructure and renewable energy so we can jump start our economy into a new prosperous era while at the same time cleaning our air and water and protecting the planet.