Contrary to most campaigns, I’m not here to beg for your money. I’m running to talk about important issues and represent you, not just to fundraise lots of money! The best thing you can do right now is volunteer for ballot access petitioning by joining our 25 For 25 Challenge!

Join the 25 for 25 challenge!

Simply, if we could get just 25 volunteers to each collect 25 signatures from friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers, we would easily meet our signature requirement and guarantee a Green Party option on the ballot this November. 25 signatures are really quick and easy to get, just ask the people you know to sign then send it back to me! This takes only a little time but is hugely important.

Will you volunteer to get the Green Party on the ballot this November? Thank you for your time in advance.

Schedule a community event

Another option to help the campaign is to find out local events and groups where I can speak about the Green movement and collect signatures directly. Most voters agree with our platform, but simply haven’t heard of it yet! It can be an activist organization, a community church, or whatever! Priority goes to events held in my district, but I will also attempt to attend other events in the Pittsburgh area too.

I’m looking forward to meeting your organization’s members and discussing issues important to you.

…Or you can donate money

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, I understand. You can instead make a financial contribution. We’ll soon be publishing materials such as flyers and pamphlets. I plan to use donations to not just to campaign for myself but to grow the Green movement itself.

At this time, I can only take cash or check donations. Checks should be written to my authorized campaign committee, “Vote Garret Wassermann”. This is preferred anyway in order to avoid credit card processing fees and ensure your full donation goes toward the campaign. To learn more how to donate, please contact me at

As with all Green Party candidates, I refuse all corporate and SuperPAC donations. I will take only small, individual donations. I will represent the interests of everyone, not just the wealthy.