Get Involved

There are a number of important ways you can get involved! The most immediate need is for ballot access volunteers, see below for more information. If you have a question or idea, please contact us!

Sign Up For Mailing List and Social Media

Also, follow Garret on social media! @VoteGarret on Twitter and Facebook, and Like and Follow our new Youtube Channel.

An easy yet important task is to get Garret's name out there. Share Garret's posts on social media and ask your friends and neighbors to sign up for the mailing list and follow Garret.

Ballot Access Petitioning

Just like Republican and Democratic candidates, Green candidates must also collect signatures from voters in the district in order to file to appear on the ballot. We need to collect at least 1000 signatures by mid-July to ensure we'll be on the ballot.

We're asking for FIFTY (50) volunteers to collect 20 signatures each; this takes about an hour or two of volunteer time. If 50 people sign up, we'd easily meet our require minimum to ensure Garret is on the ballot! Will you pledge to collect 20 signatures from family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, whoever? If you live outside of the district, you can still help! We'll suggest a good place to go, such as a library, to collect signatures.

Sign Up To Petition!

Plan Events

Garret's goal is to hold small "town hall" meetings with neighbors in each borough or township in the district. These events are also great opportunities to collect signatures from voters. Events could be at a local restaurant or coffee shop, or even your home if you'd like.

Interested in helping set up an event? Even if you live outside the district, we could use your help calling locations to reserve them for events!

Help Set Up An Event!


Unable to volunteer right now? We appreciate if you can toss $5 or more to the campaign to help cover expenses like reserving event locations or printing campaign materials!

Donate $5 or more!