I have outlined my major policy positions in the articles below but you can always contact me to learn more about my positions and share your experiences and thoughts. I endorse the Green Party of the United States’ Green New Deal, as well as the platforms of both the Green Party of Pennsylvania and the Green Party of Allegheny County, as guiding principles that I will follow when considering legislation once elected.

  • Democracy

    Our government must be more democratic and more transparent, but will not happen while huge amounts of money flow into our elections process. We must limit the influence of money on campaigns and elected officials, make it easier to vote and run for office, and use better voting methods to create a truly representative government.
  • Healthcare

    We need a guaranteed, comprehensive single payer healthcare system to ensure everyone gets the care they need and to lower costs in the process.
  • Environment

    Our constitutional right to clean air and water must be protected by banning fracking, implementing stronger pollution regulations, and investing heavily in a 100% renewable energy grid.
  • Education

    We must ensure our public schools receive fair and proper funding so that every child has an opportunity to excel. Teachers deserve a raise. We must also end student loan debt by providing tuition-free public college and job training programs, and forgive current student debt holders.
  • Economy and Jobs

    We don't have to sacrifice our health and environment for jobs if we invest in renewable energy and important infrastructure upgrades. We need a job guarantee for everyone that wants to work.
  • Justice

    We best combat crime with more jobs and more schools, not with more jails.
  • Taxes

    A proper tax policy emphasizes good jobs and public investments, not bailouts and handouts for billionaires and huge corporations. It is time for the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes again.