Below is a list of news updates, press releases, and other essays.

Suspending the Campaign

I am suspending my campaign for state representative but look forward to a Green future for Pittsburgh.

DSA Questionnaire

I answer the Pittsburgh DSA's questionnaire to apply for endorsement and let voters know more about my stances.

Memorial Day and Our Rights

When politicians say the respect the sacrifices of our veterans for our rights, ask what they're doing today to protect those rights.

Upcoming Reddit AMA

Please join my upcoming 'Ask Me Anything' (AMA) session on Reddit, Friday 5/25 starting at 4pm EDT.

Internet Censorship and Net Neutrality

We must protect 'net neutrality' and fight against corporate censorship on the Internet. The best way is to support democratically-run municipal internet service providers.

Endorsement of Poor People's March

I endorse the Poor People's March and it's goal to protect our economic human rights, including a right to a living wage, affordable housing, education, and healthcare.

Announcing the 25-for-25 volunteer challenge

Will you volunteer to collect just 25 signatures from voters to ensure Greens are on the ballot this November?

Garret signs the Clean Money PA pledge

I support the American Anti-Corruption Act to get money out of politics and reform our election system.

Cannabis should be decriminalized

We should decriminalize cannabis in PA and immediately release those held in jail because of failed drug war policy.

Recent Anti-Choice Abortion Legislation

I am the only pro-choice candidate in this district and strongly oppose recent attempts to put more restrictions on access to safe and legal abortion.

Strong regulatory action needed at Cheswick coal power plant

I today submitted comments on the proposed draft discharge permits for the Cheswick coal power plant, calling on the Department of Environmental Protection to take strong actions to protect our drinking water.

Comments on the Shell ethane 'cracker' plant and Falcon pipeline

The proposed ethane cracker plant, to be used to create more plastics, and the Falcon ethane pipeline will have huge health and environmental consequences on our region. I therefore oppose both projects and call for investment in renewable energy instead.

Joining the Community Power Movement in opposition to Amazon HQ2

Our city and county officials are hiding details of their tax package to lure Amazon HQ2 to the region. Why?

We Choose a Better Path

I endorsed the 'We Choose a Better Path' letter to Governor Wolf asking to ban fracking and transition us to renewable energy. The Green Party candidate for governor Paul Glover already supports both of those actions.

Building a Future full of hope and promise

Yesterday I attended Clean Air Council 'Building a Future full of hope and promise' event.

Public comments on the Shell Falcon Ethane Pipeline

Today I submitted public comments on the permits for the proposed Shell Falcon Ethane Pipeline that will run through western PA, including part of Allegheny County.

Signed the Say No 2 EQT pledge

I gladly signed the Say No 2 EQT pledge to not accept any money from EQT or the fracking industry. As a Green Party candidate, I actually refuse all corporate donations, period.