Campaign Updates and News

News, updates, and media releases from the campaign.

News and Press Releases

Check below for the latest media regarding my campaign. I intend to regularly add statements, blog posts, and even videos. If you'd like me to write or speak about a particular topic, please contact me!

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Trump Catching COVID-19 Is A Reminder

3 October 2020

President Trump catching COVID-19 reminds us that the public health and economic crisis is not over and we still need action from officials at all levels of government.

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Garret Signs The No Cop Money PA Pledge

27 September 2020

Garret signs the No Cop Money PA Pledge.

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Ballotpedia Survey

25 September 2020

Garret responds to the Ballotpedia candidate survey.

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Write In Garret This November

12 September 2020

Garret and the campaign announce a write-in campaign after Democrats denied Greens ballot access relief during a pandemic.

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League of Women Voters Questionnaire

9 September 2020

Garret responds to a candidate questionnaire from the League of Women Voters' Vote411 guide.

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Education Voters of PA Action Questionnaire

8 September 2020

Garret responds to a candidate questionnaire from the Education Voters of PA Action.

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Nurses for PA Questionnaire

6 September 2020

Garret responds to a candidate questionnaire from the Nurses of PA.

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Eviction Moratorium Must Be Extended

1 September 2020

Garret calls on Governor Wolf and the state general assembly to quickly act to prevent a flood of evictions and foreclosures due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Schools Should Be Online This Fall

9 August 2020

Garret calls on all school districts in the 45th district to plan for a remote learning start to the school year due to COVID-19, but many districts are still planning to re-open with face-to-face classes.

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A Green New Deal, Not A Petrochemical Dead End

12 July 2020

Garret calls out Governor Wolf and party leaders for trying to sneak petrochemical bailouts into HB732 when they should be focused on COVID-19 economic relief and a Green New Deal.

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Help Needed - Launching A Petitioning Drive

8 July 2020

Garret and his campaign announce the launch of a new effort to get on the ballot and support the Green Party of Pennsylvania lawsuit ensuring all Green candidates will be on the ballot this November.

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Ban Fracking, Don't Just Inspect For Methane Leaks

26 June 2020

Garret reacts to an Grand Jury report about the fracking industry as PA DEP seeks comments to regulate volatile compounds and methane from oil and gas wells.

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The COVID-19 Emergency Is Not Over

11 June 2020

Garret calls out state legislators for voting to end the COVID-19 emergency status, which not only will leave us unprepared for a second wave, but will cut off needed aid and funding.

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10 June 2020

Garret shares some thoughts on why scientists must be part of the movement to end racism, since how science might end up fueling racist policy and policing.

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Ban Tear Gas in Allegheny County

9 June 2020

Garret supports a ban on using tear gas, so-called 'rubber bullets', and other 'less lethal' weaponry for crowd control. Tear gas is a banned chemical weapon of war and has no place in our streets.

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State Legislation to Address Police Violence

7 June 2020

Garret expresses support for a number of police reform bills in the state house proposed by the Legislative Black Caucus, including HB 1382, HB 1664, HB 1666, and HB 1812.

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Black Lives Matter and George Floyd

6 June 2020

Garret speaks about Black Lives Matter, George Floyd's murder, and the need to demilitarize, democratize, and ultimately defund police.

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Green Phase Needs Urgent Preparation

30 May 2020

Garret responds to Governor Wolf's announcement that Allegheny County is moving to the 'green' phase by calling for universal COVID-19 testing and economic assistance.

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Gerrymandering and Fair Districts

20 May 2020

Garret opposes gerrymandering and supports HB 22/23, among other actions, as steps toward free and fair elections.

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Greens File In Federal Court Over Ballot Access

19 May 2020

Garret supports the recent Green Party of Pennsylvania lawsuit demanding typical ballot access requirements are waived this year due to Coronavirus emergency orders.

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Coronavirus Safety Precautions At Polling Locations Needed

18 May 2020

Garret writes to the Allegheny County Board of Elections in favor of Coronavirus precautions at polling places for the primary on June 2nd.

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Thoughts on Allegheny Moving to Yellow Phase

14 May 2020

Garret comments on need for greater COVID-19 preparation as officials move Allegheny toward a 'yellow' phase.

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Stimulus Payment and Relief Funds

16 April 2020

Garret calls for greater Coronavirus assistance payments, while sharing info about the current Stimulus Payment and community relief funds.

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Reopen When Safe Not When Investors Want

14 April 2020

Garret speaks against the sneaky attempt to use SB 613 to get around professional medical advice for investor profits.

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Save Lives - Empty The Jail

9 April 2020

Continued reports of poor conditions in the jail lead Garret to call for immediate action by local and state officials to empty the jail and save lives from COVID-19.

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Protecting Elections and Democracy During Pandemic

8 April 2020

Garret joins the Green Party of Pennsylvania in calling on Governor Wolf and state legislative leaders to waive the typical ballot access requirements for Green candidates this year in light of COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Update

25 March 2020

As people in the district begin testing positive for COVID-19, Garret shares some thoughts on what's needed short-term to save lives during this global pandemic and long-term to get everyone back on their feet.

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Coronavirus Updates: School Closures and More

13 March 2020

Garret discusses school closures due to Coronavirus, school lunch still being available, and calls for additional actions such as moratorium on evictions and utility shut-offs.

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Coronavirus Underscores Need for a Single Payer Healthcare System

6 March 2020

Garret calls for a single payer healthcare system, paid sick leave, and more, to properly manage response to coronavirus.

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A Green New Deal For Neville Island

20 February 2020

Garret supports a Green New Deal to help replace the old Shenango Coke Works on Neville Island with sustainable jobs that protect air quality.

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Pitt and Others Must Divest From Fossil Fuels

14 February 2020

Garret supports community demands for the University of Pittsburgh to divest from fossil fuels.

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No Subsidies to Fracking and Petrochemicals

10 February 2020

Garret opposes the bipartisan vote on HB 1100 to give subsidies to petrochemical industry.

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Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit and No War On Iran

28 January 2020

Garret participates in the Racial Justice Summit and the latest No War on Iran rally, and reflects on how they are related.

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The Women's March and Petra Kelly's Legacy

18 January 2020

Garret speaks at the Women's March in Pittsburgh about Petra Kelly's legacy and what the Green movement stands for.

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No Oil and Gas Waste on Roads

12 January 2020

Garret opposes legislation like SB 790 and HB 1635 that would enable the dumping of radioactive toxic wastewater from oil and gas drilling onto our roads and into our environment.

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No War With Iran

4 January 2020

Garret demands elected officials take immediate action to prevent war with Iran and withdraw the Pennsylvania National Guard.

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Announcing My Candidacy

25 December 2019

Garret Wassermann announces his intent to run in 2020 for state representative of the 45th district.

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Considering a Run

26 November 2019

Garret Wassermann announces he is considering a new potential run in 2020 for state representative of the 45th district.