I gladly signed the Say No 2 EQT pledge to not accept any money from EQT or the fracking industry. I will take a stand against climate change and pollution and push for state investment in renewable energy jobs instead.

As a Green Party candidate, this was not a hard decision since Green candidates already pledge to refuse all corporate donations, period. We run campaigns based on small individual donations. We answer to the people, not corporations.

Full Text of the pledge


This letter is a part of the SayNo2EQT Campaign, an initiative of multiple environmental and community organizations that seeks to bring an end to the harm caused by EQT Corporation and the disproportionate amount of power and influence they have in our society.

In case you are unaware, EQT’s headquarters is in downtown Pittsburgh and they are the largest natural gas producer in the United States. They are also currently developing hundreds of miles of pipeline around the region. Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is banned in the city of Pittsburgh and several states because of the risk that it poses to health and safety of people and wildlife living nearby. EQT’s pipelines also raise concerns about potential explosions or leaks which could cause millions of dollars in damage. And finally, EQT’s extraction, production, and transmission of methane is a strong contributor to the destabilization of our climate which puts present and future genreations at risk.

EQT also invests heavily in political lobbying to ensure that federal, state, and local governments do not infringe on its desire to make money from destroying our environment. In 2016 alone, EQT employed over 35 lobbyists and spent over $100,000 dollars to argue on its behalf in the PA state legislature. Because of EQT’s efforts combined with other fossil fuel companies, Pennsylvania was unable to pass appropriate taxing and regulatory bills against the industry or make strong efforts at developing renewable energy.

To prevent EQT from gaining a stronger stranglehold on our political system, we are asking you for your pledge not to accept contributions from EQT Corporation or any affiliated organizations for political donation purposes. By signing this pledge, you agree to take a stand not just against climate change and the harm caused by fracking, but against an undemocratic system of government that serves the few over the many.

The SayNo2EQT Campaign noeqtpgh@riseup.net 350 Pittsburgh Thomas Merton Center 5129 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15224