Yesterday I attended Clean Air Council “Building a Future full of hope and promise” event. It had a fantastic array of speakers that were focused on action and not “playing by the rules”. I think many of these people were Green Party members and didn’t know it yet!

It started with witnesses of the horrible effects of dirty industry. Fracking that ruined a guy’s property and damaged his house. Community members concerned about the absence of elected officials as people young and elderly die preventable deaths attributed to pollution. Workers saying the air was so far over EPA limits that they must wear masks every day. All of this is happening while many elected officials stay on the sidelines, DEP often doesn’t enforce regulations, and our court system sides with the polluters.

However, the speakers gave hope for fighting back and winning. The keynote speaker in particular was fantastic. She said that, in order to win, we can’t play by their rules. They set up meetings and speeches and 3 minute talk times and legal and bureaucratic hoops to distract us. We must react with action. Hold people’s press conferences outside of events, instead of playing by their rules. Look for ways to make our elected officials pay attention and hold them accountable. The sad thing is many environmental problems can be significantly addressed and even stopped at the county level, if our county level officials wished to take action. We must hold them accountable and make them take action, or replace them with people that will.

Greens are working outside of the two party system to build a new system made up of the power of the people. Both Democrats and Republicans have failed us. We’re not looking to “play by the rules” or recreate the same bureaucratic problems that got us here, we’re ready to fix them. I hope you will join me in building a Green Party for the people that will force change in our system. It’s a hard battle but one that is necessary.

I will do everything I can as a candidate and especially as an elected representative to address pollution and transition us to a modern green economy of good jobs that do not sacrifice our health and environment.