I join the Green Party of Pennsylvania today in calling for decriminalization of cannabis. It should be regulated and taxed like other products such as alcohol. For those that don’t know, cannabis is one of only a few substances classified as Schedule 1 drugs, meaning there is supposedly “no known medical purpose” and has the most severe restrictions. They classify it as dangerous as heroin! Not only is the latest research showing this to be wrong, but Schedule 1 drugs have much heavier penalties for use and distribution than other drugs we know to be dangerous. Opioids and even cocaine are Schedule 2 or lower. That’s how absurd this policy is.

Cannabis decriminalization should include commuting the sentences of non-violent offenders jailed only for small possession and use. Those types of sentences keep parents away from children, destroy lives and families, and cost the state way too much money. It’s time to end policies that don’t work. Pennsylvania should join other states that have fully decriminalized, and I would support legislation to do this once elected as your representative. I also call on our members of Congress to finally decriminalize at the federal level too.

In general, we need to stop the failed war on drugs and instead spend that money on a single payer healthcare system that guarantees healthcare to everyone, including drug addiction treatments. Drug use is a public health issue not a criminal issue.

Sign the Green Party of Pennsylvania’s petition to decriminalize and find out how you can join the Green Party and volunteer!