Pennsylvania election code requires that candidates for elected office collect a certain number of signatures from registered voters in the district in order to appear on the ballot in November. This is a requirement of all candidates, not just Greens, however Greens are required to gather many more signatures than Democratic or Republican candidates. This is where I need your help! I’ve been gathering signatures myself but we can get there faster working together. The sooner I’m guaranteed on the ballot this November, the sooner we can start with a real campaign effort.

I am therefore announcing today the “25-for-25” volunteer challenge. If just 25 people sign up to get 25 signatures from voters, we could easily have the signatures needed to guarantee ballot access for me and other Green candidates this November.

The signatures can come from any registered voter in any party (they don’t have to be Greens), even if they previously signed for someone in the primaries. So you can ask your family, your friends, your neighbors, or your coworkers. Bring the form to a social group meeting you attend and ask everyone to sign. The only requirement is that the signatures MUST come from people that live in the 45th district – Coraopolis, Neville, Emsworth, Ben Avon, Robinson, Kennedy, Stowe, Carnegie, and parts of Scott Township. So if you live in the district or know people in the district, I greatly appreciate your help reaching out to them and getting their signatures!

And your signatures will count not only for me, but for ALL of our Green statewide candidates for governor, lt. governor, and senator. Just a little bit of your time to get signatures ensures Greens will be on the ballot this November and can run competitive races in a year when Democrats and Republicans continue to give the same old tired speeches without any real ideas. We’re sure the message of the Green New Deal can win, we just have to make sure it’s on the ballot!

Will you volunteer today to be one of the 25 volunteers we need to get Greens on the ballot? We’ll provide the necessary forms and training, you just have to be willing to talk about the Green New Deal with family, friends, and neighbors.

One of our best opportunities to get signatures will be on primary day, May 15th, in just one week. So sign up today! Just an hour of your time in the morning or evening (before or after work) on primary day can make a huge difference.

Please share this post with anyone else that might be interested in volunteering.

Thank you so much for your effort in advance!